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Used and rare books about electricity and magnetism, electrostatic devices, physics, light and lightning, wireless and radio

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Used and rare books about electricity and magnetism, electrostatic devices, physics, light and lightning, wireless and radio

At PV Scientific Instruments, we do a lot of research, and—no matter how much we love them—we can't keep all our books! Below we list some used and rare bits of our library that we just have to part with. We think you’ll enjoy them as much as we did.

About shipping charges: For shipment within the U.S., add $5.70 for the first book and $3.25 for each additional book. For a small charge, we'll insure valuable books. For shipment outside the U.S., please inquire about shipping costs to your country.

Used and rare books about electricity and magnetism, electrostatic devices, physics, light and lightning, wireless and radio
Physics Physics

atoms Atoms and the Universe, revised, by G. O. Jones, J. Rotblat, and G. J. Whitrow. Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1956. 277 pp., indexed. Well illustrated.

A brilliant, straightforward, and very successful presentation of the fascinating results of research by classical physicists, nuclear physicists, and astrophysicists into the structure of matter and of the universe. The distinguished authors from the University of London explain the gradual unfolding of ideas that led to the modern concepts of the structure of the atom, the amazing progress in experimental techniques from atom-smashing to giant optical and radio telescopes. In very nice condition with a clean, but somewhat chipped, dust jacket. $25.

physics The Nature of the Physical World, by A. S. Eddington. Cambridge at the University Press. 1929. 361 pp., indexed. Some illustrations.

This is an important work by Arthur Stanley Eddington, the Cambridge astronomer whose research with a solar eclipse provided the first scientific support of Einstein's theories. Slightly browning and a bit wobbly in the binding, but a good copy nonetheless. $45.

practical physics Elementary Particle Physics, by Newton Henry Black and Harvey Nathaniel Davis. The Macmillan Company. 1939. 710 pp., indexed. Profusely illustrated, with some color.

Rare early edition of the classic textbook that became very popular in the 1950s. This earlier edition includes many charming photos showing such physical curiosities of the day as the stability test of a London double-decker bus, the inner workings of a nine-cylinder radial airplane engine, and an elephant losing a tug-of-war with a caterpillar tractor. As this textbook amply demonstrates, learning physics can be lots of fun! With (undisturbing) pencil markings, otherwise in great condition $100.

Physics for Students of Science & Engineering Physics for Students of Science & Engineering, sixth revised edition, by A. Wilmer Duff (editor), E. Percival Lewis, Charles E. Mendenhall, Albert P. Carman, and C. T. Knipp. P. Blakiston's Son & Co., Philadelphia. Copyright 1926. 713 pp., indexed. 630 illustrations.

What the well-read MIT student was reading in about 1930. Covers the topics of Mechanics and Sound, Wave Motion and Heat, and Electricity and Magnetism. In decent condition, slightly browning pages and bumped corners, cloth binding rubbed at bottom and a little at the top, gilt print on spine fading. $30.

Isaac Asimov Asimov on Physics by Isaac Asimov. Doubleday & Company, Garden City, New York. 1976. 204 pp., indexed. Some photo illustrations. First edition.

The great Asimov explaining nuclear forces, electromagnetic forces, gravitational forces, and the history of scientific concepts from Aristotle to Galileo and Newton through Planck and Einstein. Stated first edition, in very good shape, with a chipped dust jacket. $40.

Nikola Tesla Tesla: Man out of Time. A Full Length Portrait of One of the Most Brilliant—and Strangest—Scientists in History, by Margaret Cheney. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. 1981. 320 pp., indexed. First edition.

The groundbreaking biography of the discoverer of alternating current, the inventor of the AC motor, the designer of the first hydroelectric generator (at Niagara Falls), and much, much more. Chipped dust jacket under milar, but damage to front cover of book, probably during manufacture. $10.

introducing the atom Introducing the Atom, by Roslyn D. Leeds. Library edition. Harper & Row, New York. 1967. 143 pp., indexed. Profusely illustrated. First edition.

A young person's book exploring atomic structure, elements and their characteristics, molecules and compounds, electricity and magnetism, particles and waves, the atomic nucleus, nuclear fission and fusion, subatomic particles, mass-energy relationships, circular-path and straight-line devices, particle accelerators, man-made elements, cosmic rays, particle detectors, emulsion blocks, masers, lasers, plasma physics, cyogenics, and ultrahigh pressure. With a Glossary and Historical perspectives of the Great Men and Women involved in the Study of the Atom, from Carl Anderson to Hideki Yukawa. $20

modern physics Introducing the Atom, revised edition, by Charles E. Dull, H. Clark Metcalfe, and William O. Brooks. Henry Holt & Company, New York. 1951. 609 pp. plus appendices and index. Profusely illustrated.

High school textbook stressing electronics, nuclear energy, radar, and television, along with alternating current electricity, radio transmission and reception, and the uses of x rays. A classic. In good shape and clean. $10.

modern introductory physics Modern Introductory Physics, revised edition, by Ira M. Freeman. McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York. 1949. 491 pp., indexed. Well illustrated. First edition, second impression.

Introducing physics to college students who have not chosen careers in science. Lots of explanations, light on math. $10.

Natural Philosophy An Introduction to Natural Philosophy Designed as a Text-Book in Physics, for the Use of Students in College, by Denison Olmsted, revised by E. S. Snell and R. G. Kimball. Fourth revised edition by Samuel Sheldon. Charles Collins, Publisher, New York. 1895. 272 pp., plus 2 pages of advertising. Profusely illustrated.

The fourth revised edition of this book is rare indeed, and this edition was published in 1895 when physics was yielding discoveries that would change the world in astonishing ways. A handsome book, in very good shape, with embossed and beveled coffee-brown covers and beautifully preserved gilt lettering and ornamentation. Some fraying at spine and corners, which are bumped. $95.

wireless and radio

Astronomy and Telescope Making Astronomy & Telescope Making

astronomy and telescope making How to Make a Telescope, by Jean Texereau, Engineer of the Optical Laboratory of the Paris Observatory. Interscience Publishers, New York. 1957. 191 pp. Profusely illustrated.

In this very well organized and logical book, Jean Texereau tells the entirely uninstructed amateur how to make a first-class astronomical telescope from start to finish. This is a book for the steady, painstaking worker who wants to become an advanced amateur—one who can turn out an essentially perfect mirror. A beautiful hardcover in very nice condition (no dust jacket). $75.

Carl Sagan, astronomer Carl Sagan: A Life, by Kay Davidson. John Wiley & Sons, New York. 1999. 540 pp., acid-free paper, indexed. Illustrated.

A richly detailed biography of a master of popularizing science. Filled with reminiscences by Sagan's friends and detractors. A beautiful clean copy in a clean, intact dust jacket. $10.

Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, Astronomer The Nature of the Physical World , by A. S. Eddington. Cambridge at the University Press. 1929. 361 pp., indexed. Some illustrations.

This is an important work by Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, the Cambridge astronomer whose research with a solar eclipse provided the first scientific support of Einstein's theories. A little wobbly in the binding and slightly browning, but a good copy nonetheless. $45.

The Great Astronomers The Great Astronomers , by Henry Smith Williams. Simon and Schuster, New York. 1930. 619 pp, indexed, with appendices. Beautifully illustrated.

A first edition of the classic survey of the contributions of great astronomers from Thales the Greek on forward throughout history, including such enticing topics as Anaxagoras’ correct conception of the phases of the moon, the epicycles of Hiparchus, Alhazen’s explanation of twilight, how Horras saw the transit of Venus, and on and on. Wonderful! A nice clean copy in good shape, almost no wear on the spine, corners slightly bumped. $45.

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wireless and radio

Wireless, Radio, and Television Wireless, Radio, & Television

deForest, radio Radio-Television-Sound, by DeForest's Training, Inc., Chicago, IL. No date of publication, early 1950’s perhaps. 25 lessons of DeForest’s home study course, bound in the original two-hole binder, with a graphic of Lee DeForest holding his Audion tube on the cover of each lesson. Well illustrated.

Definitely a rare collector’s item from DeForest’s Training, Inc. Lee Deforest was the inventor of the Audion tube who promoted himself as the "Father of Radio." The 25 lessons in this book cover Methods of Solving Problems, Different Forms of Electricity, Ohm's Law, Magnets and Magnetism, Electro-Magnets, Wire Measurement, Primary Cell Principles, Common Primary Cells, Storage Batteries, Voltmeters, Ammeters, Circuit Diagams and Symbols, Series Circuits, Parallel Circuits, Kirchoff's Laws, Force, Work, Energy, Induction, Mutual Self-Induction, Condensers, Current Generation, A. C. Principles, Impedance, Resonant Circuits, and Power Transformers. This collection is in fairly good condition, measures about 7" by 11", and is about 2" thick. $115.

deForest, radio Very High-Frequency Techniques , compiled by the staff of the Radio Research Laboratory, Harvard University, and edited by Herbert J. Reich et al. McGraw Hill Book Company. 1947. In two volumes. 1057 pp. Stated first edition. Profusely illustrated.

The Radio Research Laboratory was a large central laboratory established by the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD) for developing countermeasures against enemy radar during World War II. It was operated by Harvard University and came under Division 15 of the National Defense Research Committee. This lab was unique in being the only large temporary wartime OSRD lab concerned in a major way with the extension of continuous-wave technologies to the high radio frequencies used in radar work. Such techniques were the basis of most prewar activity in radio below 100 Mc.

These two volumes contain a summary of the methods, theories, and circuits used by the Radio Research Lab. The materials presented constitute a monument to the many engineers and scientists who contributed to the Radar Countermeasures program of Division 15 and the several hundred very able men and women whose technical experiences while on staff at the Laboratory are recorded in these volumes. This matched first-edition set is in quite nice condition, with slightly bumped corners; Volume I is a bit wobbly. $200.

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Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and MagnetismElectricity & Magnetism

electricity, magnetism Electricity and Magnetism, by W. J. Duffin. McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited, London. 1965. 452 pp., indexed. Profusely illustrated.

Everything you ever wanted to know about electricity and magnetism aimed at the student with only a sketchy knowledge of physics and mathematics. Covered are electric forces and fields and their corresponding magnetic phenomena, charged-particle dynamics, the important electric and magnetic properties of materials, and Maxwell’s equations. As stamped on the inside cover, this is a publisher&146;s complementary copy to a university professor and looks hardly touched except for a few tiny check marks in pen. Some of the blue paint on the cloth cover has dropped out over time. Still, a very well preserved copy. $100.

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Electricity and Magnetism

Light and X-Rays Light & X-Rays

light, x=rays The Universe of Light, by Sir William Bragg. 283 pp., indexed. The Macmillan Company, New York. 1933. Profusely illustrated, with some color plates.

A first edition copy of a book by the enormously productive Nobel Laureate who shared the Prize with his son, Lawrence. Deaccessioned by a university library. Well used, with library binding, markings, and stamps, plus a scattering of shallow tears. Worn cover and bumped corners. Still, a good reading copy, well worth owning. $30.

x-rays Secret of the Mysterious Rays: The Discovery of Nuclear Energy by Vivian Grey. 120 pp., indexed. Basic Books, New York. 1966. Illustrated.

The story, beginning with Roentgen, through Becquerel and the Curies, Einstein, Rutherford, Bohr, through and beyond World War I. For the young reader or for the adult desiring a quick survey of an unfamiliar topic. This is a good introductory survey by an excellent science writer. $15.

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