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Crookes or Geissler vacuum discharge tubes

Crookes Mineral Fluorescence
Vacuum Discharge Tube

Crookes or Geissler vacuum discharge tubes
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Crookes or Geissler vacuum discharge tubes

vacuum discharge tubes, Crookes Classic Mineral Fluorescence Tube

The name of Sir William Crookes has always been synonymous with a wide range of vacuum discharge tubes. One of the most popular forms of such tubes is the fluorescence tube, a vacuum discharge tube in which an object is placed opposite the cathode, or negative electrode. The bombardment of this object with electrons from the cathode caused many spectacular fluorescent effects. Some years before J.J. Thomson’s landmark discovery of the electron in 1897, Crookes used a fluorescence tube to demonstrate that some particle of matter was traveling from the cathode to the target object, causing it to fluoresce.

In this mineral fluorescence tube, handmade in the United States by an American scientific glassblower, a piece of calcium tungstate, the same mineral used in x-ray fluoroscopic screens, is handsomely bezeled inside the bell of the tube. This tube stands 18 inches high in its beautifully finished hardwood base. Price: $495

We also offer reproductions of two other Crookes vacuum discharge tubes, Sir William Crookes’ important Y tube as well as a tube containing a uranium glass bird drinking from a plasma fountain. In addition, we carry a line of historically accurate, working reproductions of induction coils, the power supplies used for experimentation with Crookes and Geissler tubes. For more information about our line of reproduction antique vacuum discharge tubes and induction coils, please call us at 607 387-6752 or drop us a line at

Crookes or Geissler vacuum discharge tubes

Crookes type mineral fluorescence tube, vacuum discharge tube
Mineral Fluorescence

Crookes type Y tube, vacuum discharge tube
Crookes Y tube

Crookes type vacuum discharge tube, bird drinking from a plasma fountain
Fluorescent Bird

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