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Limited Edition Crystal Radio Kit

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Featuring Antique Radio Parts!

Our crystal radio sets and regenerative radio receivers contain hard-to-find antique parts, including:

antique crystal radio parts hand-dyed cotton-covered wire
crystal radios brass or nickel-plated brass binding posts
crystal radios brass or nickel-plated brass sectioned variable capacitors
crystal radios antique headphones
crystal radios vintage vacuum tubes
crystal radios and more!

Our top-of-the-line Limited Edition Crystal Radio Kit contains all the parts you need to construct a superior-quality, direct-coupled crystal radio set with wave-trap rejection tuning and a beautiful steel galena cat's whisker detector.

Includes a pair of first-rate Brandes headphones, 1920's vintage, which work better for the purpose than anything made today. Contains antique brass variable capacitors, antique fine-machined binding posts, antique dials and knobs, and other antique parts guaranteed to make a breadboard-style crystal set that works extremely well and looks beautiful.

To build this kit, you will need a soldering gun, solder, sandpaper, and the wood finish of your choice. You will need to read electronic schematic diagrams, solder, and make a simple wire antenna and ground arrangements. Building and operating instructions are included.

Sorry, no photo of the finished product for this kit because the available antique parts frequently change.

Price: $185.

To get answers to your questions or to place an order, please call us at 607-387-6752 or email us at
Note: Headphones not sold separately.

Limited Edition Kit

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Spartan Kit

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Corinthian Kit

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Limited Edition Crystal Radio Kit or Kits
Limited Edition crystal radio kit or kits Hello from Canada! I must say I am impressed with the radio that I purchased from you! My thanks for putting together such a great kit for me. I will be back (...Christmas is coming...)! crystal radio kits
Limited Edition Crystal Radio Kit or Kits
crystal radio kits I am very happy with the crystal radio kit. The quality of the parts greatly exceeded my expectations, and it worked well the first time. crystal radio kits
Limited Edition Crystal Radio Kit or Kits
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Limited Edition Crystal Radio Kit or Kits

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